vc-vacant clean / no guest, ready for inspection. Occupancy Forecast Report – This is usually printed for a month (the next 30 days). ooo-out of order. oc-occupied clean. Kamar dengan status Vacant Clean berarti kamar tersebut merupakan kamar yang kosong dengan keadaan bersih. The ROOMS MANAGEMENT > UPDATE OCCUPIED ROOM STATUS, ROOMS MANAGEMENT > UPDATE NO SHOW ASSIGNED ROOM STATUS, and ROOMS MANAGEMENT > UPDATE VACANT ROOM STATUS application settings use the following hierarchy: - Assuming Inspected and Pick Up application functions are active, hierarchy is Inspected, Pick Up, Clean, Dirty. Confirmation is … Meaning it shows in inventory with ready rooms, I can (and have, by mistake) quote guests prices on them if they are the last Vacant of a specific room type, etc. Indra sebagai room attendant bertugas membersihkan 13 kamar dengan standar penggunaan tiga sheet, dengan perincian sebagai berikut : 2 kamar double, status occupied. Jadi, jumlah ... double sheet dan ... single sheet yang dibutuhkan untuk ditata pada trolley. Housekeeping Room Status: All rooms, OccupancyStatus = 'Vacant', status changed to Clean